Posted on Sep 12, 2021

Welcome to Orange Whispers or 0range Wh1spers if you are so inclined. Or if you are a swedish speaking person: Välkommen till Orange Whispers. This blog will contain posts written in both swedish and english. Since this is the very first post we start of in english to explain the what, why and who. After reading through this you will hopefully get an idea of what to expect from this blog further on.


This is a blog about cybersecurity and closely related matters. We will mostly focus on posting technical articles with a sense of depth where we really dig into a specific subject. These articles will be based on our own research, they will expand on other peoples research and you will see writeups for cybertraining platforms like Hack The Box, Tryhack Me and CTF:s.


We think there’s room for another swedish blog focusing on the technical side of cybersecurity. You should not expect to find an analysis about the latest CVE a few hours after it’s revealed. There’s already very good swedish blogs and podcasts like, and säkerhetspodcasten who’s doing a great job covering and analysing these things.

What you should expect is the knity and gritty bits and bytes described in a way that as many people as possible can understand despite it´s technical nature. Sometimes we will also use video to further explain a subject, there´s already material like this available on our youtube channel.


My name is Christian and I am running the company Cybix AB. The material posted here will be produced by me and my colleges. Cybix is a company based in Enköping Sweden. Our business is mainly within cybersecurity and IT operations. We have a hacker mindset when we approach things and that will reflect here.

I hope to see you back here soon!

/Christian (f1rstr3am)